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it was the Italy

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Iowa State

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Q: What was the worst college football team in 2008?
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Who is the worst college football team?

Army is the worst college football team!

Is Derby the worst football team?

no its not the worst football team if you really want to start on bad football teams it would be the college team KU and NFL team the Detroit Lions

What college football team has the worst bowl record?


Who was the worst team in college football in 2007?

the duke blue devils

Which college football team won the 2008 NCAA football championship?

Florida Gators

What is the worst record for a team the year after winning a college football national championship?

5 AND 7

Did West Virginia football team play Arkansas football team?

As of the start of the 2008 season, West Virginia and Arkansas have never met in college football.

What college football team has no wins in a season?

University of Western Kentucky in 2008

What team won the college football BCS championship in 2008?

LSU Tigers

What football team is the worst in the football team in the world cup?

come on this aint football this is succer the worst sport in history

The worst football team?

Celtic football

What team has the worse record in football the year?

The worst record in the National Football League (American Football) for 2008 is held by the Detroit Lions, with 0 wins and 16 losses.