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Q: What was the total attendance for NCAA baseball in 2012?
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Where did Clemson's 2006 average football attendance of 81506 rank them in national attendance figures?

Well, by that attendance figure do you mean for all games Clemson played or for home games only. The NCAA has Clemson at an average of 82,992 for 7 home games in the 2006 season. That ranked them 14th overall in the NCAA and 1st in the ACC. Click on the 'NCAA College Football Attendance Stats' link below to see the NCAA's report.

What NCAA basketball team has the highest attendance?

The Detroit Lions

Are the Kentucky Wildcats in the 2012 World Series?

No. They are not. The Kentucky WildCats are NCAA Basketball. The World Series is in Baseball.

NCAA baseball plaers can be on the roster?

27 scholarship players or up to 35 total players

What school holds the ncaa division 1-aa football attendance record?

university of Montana

Do individual NCAA titles count in total for total NCAA titles?


When will EA Sports make baseball games again?

beacause of all you mlb lovers collage baseball lovers wont be able to play ncaa baseball again

How many NCAA tournament teams are from NJ in 2012?

There were no schools from New Jersey represented in the 2012 NCAA men's basketball tournament.

How many NCAA championships does Wake Forest have in NCAA baseball have?


How many baseball titles does csf have?

Including the 2012 season, the California State, Fullerton Titans have won 28 Conference Championship in 38 years of NCAA Division 1 baseball.

What are the release dates for NCAA Football 2012 - 2011 VG?

NCAA Football 2012 - 2011 VG was released on: USA: 12 June 2011

How many states are represented in 2012 NCAA basketball tournament?

The 2012 NCAA men's basketball tournament included teams from 31 states and the District of Columbia.