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September 27, 1969: Texas 49, Texas Tech 7

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Q: What was the score 1959 football game Texas vs Texas A and M?
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1939 Texas tech vs centenary football game score?

0-0 .... the game was played in Shreveport on November 11.

What is the score in a football game?

it can be any score

What is the fastest score in a football game?

The fastest score in the NCAA would be 113-0. This is a football game.

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Highest scoring Texas tech college football game?

On November 1st 1974, vs Texas A&M, Texas Tech's high powered offense scored 84 points that day, with a final score of Texas Tech-84 Texas A&M-13. There you have it.

Has Texas lost a football game in 2009?


When has a football game ever been 0 to 0?

At the beginning of every football game the score is always zero to zero.

Who is someone who keeps score at a game?

A score keeper. =D tennis ~ umpire football ~ referee

How do you score a football game?

you get a touchdown. Or you get a field goal or a safety.

Who is Ashley Martin?

She is an American who was the first to play and score in a NCAA football game, and the first woman to play and score in a Division I football game. She did this at Jacksonville State University on August 30th, 2001.

What was the score of the Rutgers Princeton football game in 1969?

The score of the ESPN broadcasted football game between Rutger and Princeton in 1969 was Rutgers 28 Princeton 0. The game was televised because 1969 was the 100th anniversary of intercollegiate football. First game was between these two schools in 1869.

How do you get 6 point in a football game?

score a touchdown, or score 2 field goals. Or three safeties!