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Q: What was the role of the padres in the san juan capistano?
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What did the padres do at san juan bautista?

They taught religious classes

What did the padres do at San juan capistrano?

they worked all day

What role does the San Juan capistrano mission have today?

what was the role of the mission san juan settlement

What position does Juan Oramas play?

Juan Oramas is a starting pitcher for the San Diego Padres.

What MLB team does Juan Oramas play for?

Juan Oramas plays for the San Diego Padres.

Who are the padres who served at Mission San Juan Capistrano?

father serra

What were things the Acagchemem tribe did at Mission San Juan Capistrano?

They were ministered to by the Padres of the Mission.

Where was the San Juan Capistrano located?

Junipero Serra called upon spanish Captain Riviera in 1775 for a mission in between San Diego and Los angeles because the distance between was too great. This mission was founded by father Fermen Lasuen. Mission San Juan Capistano is located in the pacific end of the saddleback valley of orange county California.

What was the role of spanish padres in mission san Luis rey de francia?

The role of the Spanish padres was to take care of the mission, teach the indians Catholicism and ways of life and to be responsible for the mission

What was the padres jobs at San Juan Capistrano?

Their jobs were to teach the Catholic religion to the indians.

The crucial role in capturing San Juan Hill was played by?

The Buffalo Soldiers of the 10th and 24th Infantry Regiments played the most crucial role in the capturing San Juan Hill. These were the Negro Cavalry, as named by the Native Americans.

Why is San Juan capistrono mission called San Juan capistrono?

San Juan Capistrano