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Q: What was the name of the man who kept Elie from being strangled on the train?
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How did Elie keep his shoes from being taken by the Kapos?

Elie kept his shoes from being taken by the Kapos by pretending to be dead when they were collecting the shoes of those who died. This way, he was able to keep his shoes and avoid being left without them.

What item of clothing did Elie Wiesel keep?

Elie Wiesel kept a striped concentration camp uniform from his time at Auschwitz.

When was Train Kept A-Rollin' created?

Train Kept A-Rollin' was created on 1951-10-06.

What was the only thing that kept Elie from dying?

The only thing that kept Elie from dying during the Holocaust was his will to survive and his determination to stay alive, despite facing extreme hardship and suffering.

Where are the train kept?

in a otorodotion

How did elie manage to delay his dental work several times?

Elie kept saying he did not feel well and promise to go back and stayed repeating the same excuse. read the book

What were the ghettos in Elie Wiesel's Night?

Ghettos were a small section of a city where Jews were herded into and kept until they were sent to concentration camps.

Who did Caesar defeat to become dictator?

Vercingetorix (sp?), a Gaul who brought the tribes together to fight the Romans. Ceasar captured him and brought him to Rome. He was kept in prison and then publicly strangled.

Who told Michael Jordan to kip train?

Michael Jordan wanted to kip train. i think probably his dad kept encouraging him.

What camp did Elie Wiesel had run to in the snow?

Elie Wiesel and his father ran from the Auschwitz concentration camp in the snow to the Buchenwald concentration camp. They endured a harrowing journey, facing extreme cold and exhaustion, before finally reaching Buchenwald.

Can you make the passive voice of a statement They keep laughing at him Would it be He is kept being laughed at or He is kept laughing at or He is kept laughed at?

"He keeps being laughed at by them."

What happened to Jeffrey Dahmer's 12th intended victim?

His name was Errol Linsey, aged 19 years. April 7th 1991. Method: Errol was tempted into Dahmers lair, by being offered money to pose naked. He was then strangled. Disposal: Dahmer had oral sex with the corpse before dismembering it. He kept the skull as a trophy.