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Q: What was the name of the gang who killed the Texas rangers except for one called the Lone Ranger?
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How many power rangers are dead?

Kendrix, the Pink Galaxy Ranger during Power Rangers Lost Galaxy and Alex, the first Red Ranger in Power Rangers Time Force had died however no Power Ranger has permanently died. However in terms of the actors and actresses, Thuy Trang, the actress that played Trini, the original Yellow Ranger in Mighty Morphin Power Ranger died in September of 2001 and Peta Rutter, the actress that played Udonna, the White Ranger in Power Rangers Mystic Force also passed on.

Who is the silver ranger in mighty morphine power rangers?

There is no Silver Ranger in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers the first Silver Ranger that appears in the Power Rangers is during the Power Rangers In Space season in which the Space Rangers come across an unconscious Silver Ranger who Andros reveals that the Silver Ranger is named Zhane and they were best friends but when Dark Specter had invaded their world of KO-35 Zhane had taken an attack that was meant for him and the attack nearly killed him and Andros provides that he set up the machine that he was in with the intention of attempting to save his life but he states that there was no guarantee of Zhane ever awakening from his frozen slumber.

Which one of the original Power Rangers's actors was killed in a car crash around the time Power Rangers Time Force was airing?

Thuy Trang, the actressed that portrayed the role of Trini Kwan, the original Yellow Ranger in the first and second season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was the actressed that died during the airing of new episodes from Power Rangers Time Force.

Leader of the rangers killed at the Alamo?

William Travis

Is there a pink Power Ranger?

No, none of the Power Rangers in the show have died for good. During Time Force, it was stated that Ransik had killed Alex who was the original Red Time Force Ranger but he was later revealed to be alive by unknown means. Kendrix, the first Pink Ranger in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy had died as well but she was somehow resurrected in the Lost Galaxy finale.

What do you call a man when his wife had died?

A widower, except in the case where he killed his wife, then he would be called a murderer(:(

How does Morgarath die in rangers apprentice?

He dies by being killed by Horace in single combat.

Who killed Magellan except lapulapu?


Has the us army rangers ever lost a battle?

no but many have been hurt, and killed in battle

Who killed Igor Karkaroff?

It is never told exactly who killed Igor, except it was suspected to be a Death Eater.

Has Hitler killed anyone except for his dog?

Not by his own hand.

Where to find ncr veteran armor in fallout new Vegas?

If you get liked by the NCR and go to the colonel in camp mcarran he will give you a key to the NCR ranger safehouse and it will be in there but in poor condition...or you could simply kill a veteran and take it.