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Q: What was the name of the Miami hurricanes quarterback number 11?
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Season 3 CSI Miami- what was the name of the tsunami called that was going to hit Miami?

It did not have a name. Hurricanes are named, not tsunamis.

What was ODU's football team name when they went against the Miami Hurricanes in the early 1930s?

the braves

Where did Miami hurricanes get their name?

The Miami Hurricanes got their name from the fact that Miami is located in a region that is prone to hurricanes. The name was chosen to reflect the resilience and strength of the team in the face of challenges, much like how buildings in Miami are built to withstand hurricane-force winds.

Who are the 38 people who played nfl that went to Miami?

Do you mean the University of Miami Hurricanes. Well, for one Jeremy Shockey currently for the Panthers, Reggie bush for the miami dolphins. to name a few!

Is hurricanes the mascot of Miami?

The mascot of the hurricanes of UM goes by the the name of Sebastian the Ibis. I have no idea what an Ibis is but that's what he is an Ibis. Improved: An Ibis is a swamp bird that looks like a small crane. They can be found all over southern FL, including the U Miami campus. I have seen many white Ibis on the campus. I have also seen red varieties in zoos.

Name the pacific weather pattern that usually lessens the number of hurricanes?

La Nina decreases hurricanes in the Pacific and increases them in the Atlantic.

What was the name of the Pittsburgh quarterback who wore number 10?

Kordell Stewart Kordell Stewart

What is number five on the ravens teams name?

5 is Joe Flacco, he is the Quarterback for the Ravens!

Who was qt when the dolphins won Super Bowls?

His name was Bob Griese, a Hall of Fame quarterback out of Purdue, drafted in the 4th round in 1967 by the AFL's Miami Dolphins.

Why do we name hurricanes?

We usually name hurricanes, so that if there are multiple hurricanes occurring simultaneously, it won't be confusing and it might protect people.

What is the name of the boy who is now quarterback in glee?

the blonde guys name whos the quarterback is named Sam :)

What is the name of Miami Dolphins mascot?

Its a real dolphin btw its not a shark or fish !! lol