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Q: What was the name of Washington nationals before they moved in 2005?
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When did the expos change to the nationals?

The Montreal Expos moved to Washington and became the Washington Nationals for the 2005 season.

What was the Washington Nationals record in 2005?

In 2005, the Washington Nationals had an 81-81record.

What year did the Washington Nationals start up?

The Montreal Expos moved to Washington and became the Nationals for the 2005 season. The Expos entered the National League as an expansion team, with the San Diego Padres, in 1969.

What year did the Montreal Expos stop playing?

The Montreal Expos never appeared in a World Series.

When did the Washington Nationals have their first winning season?

The first winning season for the Washington Nationals was in 2012, they finished the year with a 98-64 record.The Nationals were originally known as the Montreal Expos, who were founded in 1969. As the Expos, their first winning season was in 1979.

Where do the senators have spring training?

The Washington Nationals is the current name of the professional baseball team based in Washington DC. From 2005 to 2016 the Nationals played spring training games in Viera Florida. Beginning in February 2017 the Nationals moved spring training to West Palm Beach Florida.

What MLB team replaced the Expos?

Washington Nationals, I believe they replaced them in 2005. Well, they really didn't replace them they just moved and changed their name.

What team became the Washington Nationals?

The current (2005 - present) Washington Nationals team was relocated from Montreal, where they were known as the Montreal Expos.

Where did the Washington Nationals come from?

Montreal expos 2005

Where are the Motreal Expos today?

In 2005 they were moved to Washington, D.C. and renamed to the Washington Nationals by the Major League Baseball organization. The Montreal Expos lost their last game against The New York Mets.

Are the Montreal Expos and Washington Nationals the same team?

Yes. The Expos relocated to Washington for the 2005 season.

Which two baseball teams are based in Canadian cities?

As of the 2009 season, there is only one MLB team based in Canada and that is the Toronto Blue Jays. The Montreal Expos moved to Washington, DC and became the Washington Nationals in 2005.