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Curtly Ambrose of West Indies bowled the longest over in test cricket against Australia in Perth in the 1996-97 series. He bowled 15 ball over which included 9 no balls.

The longest over in ODI is 17 ball over by Mohammad Sami of Pakistan against Bangadesh which included 7 wides and 4 no balls.

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Bowler: RJ Peterson

Runs: 28

Bastsman: BC Lara (466444)

Match: West Indies v South Africa

Location: Johannesburg

Year: 2003-04

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Q: What was the longest over ever bowled in test cricket?
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What is the number of balls usually six bowled from one end of a cricket pitch?

A set of six balls bowled in cricket - is called an 'over'.

In English cricket how many balls are bowled in a normal over?


Is it true that - in cricket in the 1890s - there were 8 balls that were bowled per over?

In Australian cricket until 1979 they had 8-ball overs!

Which Indian player bowled the first maiden over in T20 cricket?

R P singh

Most number of balls in an over in odi?

highestly9 balls per over has been bowled in one day cricket.

Cricket what is over?

Overs means number of balls bowled or going to bowl against opposite team.

Who played the first ball in first world cup of cricket?

Madan Lal bowled the first ball to Dennis Amiss of England in the 1975

Has any bowler ever bowled out 6 players in an over before?


In cricket should the scoreboard display the number of the overs completed or the number of the over currently being bowled?


What sport are you playing is a maiden is bowled over or someone is put for a duck r?

Cricket ,a Maiden refers to a bowler , bowling usually 6 times (an Over) without conceding a run , a Batsman is said to be out for a Duck when he is Bowled out for no runs.

How many bowls in 1 over for cricket?

There are six legal balls bowled in one over, meaning that their has to be six balls which are not deemed to be no balls or wides.

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