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NFC 65, AFC 62 for a total score of 107 it was the 2008 Pro Bowl

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Oregon over Wisconsin, 45-38 in 2012

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Q: What was the highest scoring game in the football pro bowl games?
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What was the highest scoring Rose Bowl?

Oregon over Wisconsin, 45-38 in 2012

Where can one compete in college bowl games?

College bowl games are college football games. The only people that may compete in college bowl football games are the players from each of the college football teams.

How many bowl games are there for NCAA Division two football?

how many bowl games for division two football

When was the last time the AFC won the Pro Bowl?

On January 29, 2012, the American Football Conference defeated the National Football Confererence, 59-41, as Miami Dolphins wide receiver Brandon Marshall caught four touchdown passes. It was the second-highest scoring Pro Bowl in history.

Where does UCLA football play home games?

UCLA's home football field is the Rose Bowl, in Pasadena.

How are referees chosen for collage football bowl games?

Pick by conference presidents

What team has the best record in college football bowl games?

Roll Tide !

What teams had the highest scores in the Super Bowl?

The highest score by the winner of a Super Bowl was 55 points, scored in Super Bowl XXIV (January 28, 1990) by the San Francisco 49'ers, beating the Denver Broncos 55-10. The highest scoring Super Bowl (75 points) was Super Bowl XXIX in 1995 when Steve Young led the Niners to a 49-26 victory over the Chargers in a game that was essentially over by halftime. The second highest scoring Super Bowl of all time (69 points) was Super Bowl XXVII in 1993, a game in which the Cowboys thrashed the Bills 52-17 in Pasadena. Had Don Beebe not stripped Leon Lett of a touchdown in the waning moments of the fourth quarter, the final score would have been 59-17.

Why does ncaa give out football awards prior to bowl games?

The NCAA has no controlling body over the bowl games or the BCS. The NCAA college football season is over after the regular season in Div 1 college football. Therefore the awards are given at the conclusion of the season.

Where could one find the times of NCAA football bowl games?

One could find the times of NCAA football bowl games at the official NCAA website, or in the local newspapers in the sports section, or in the television, in the sports news.

When does college football season end?

after the bowl games, usually around January 10.

How much money will be paid to the football teams in this years bowl games?

$17 million