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They did not have radar guns to measure the speed of the pitches in Ruth's day. This question cannot be answered without guessing. He did hit against Walter Johnson who threw as hard as anyone in Baseball history. The babe hit Walter Johnson for 10 home runs.

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Q: What was the fastest pitch babe Ruth ever hit?
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There are no reports that Babe Ruth ever took illegal drugs.

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There are no records to indicate that Babe Ruth ever planned to commit suicide.

Did Babe Ruth ever have competetion?

Babe Ruth had great competition from New York Yankees teammate Lou Gehrig.

Did Babe Ruth ever have a job?

He worked on a farm

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Babe Ruth

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Once and awhile.

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Whose nickname was ''The Babe''?

"The Babe" was Babe Ruth. He played in the Major Leagues from 1914-1935. He played an outfielder for 22 seasons.

Did Babe Ruth ever play shortstop?

No. Babe Ruth never played Shortstop. He did play the outfield, pitcher, and first base.

Is Babe Ruth the best player ever?

Many people say he is. But whether he is or not Babe Ruth will always be remembered as a great legend.

Who was the only man to ever pitch hit for Babe Ruth?

During his career with the Yankees, Babe Ruth was pinch hit for only once and that was by Bobby Veach in the 8th inning of the game against the Chicago White Sox on August 9, 1925. The reason goes that Babe was not feeling well.

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