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Real Madrid lost FC Barcelona with 13-0 in Spanish La Liga during early 1980s.

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They lost one game 11-1 to their arch rivals Real Madrid, but that was ages ago(June 13, 1943)).

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11-1 vs real madrid

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Q: What was the biggest loss of Real Madrid?
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What is the biggest rivalry in world soccer?

Real Madrid and Barcelona

Who are the biggest spanish rival team for Barcelona?

Real Madrid

What was the biggest victory of Real Madrid over Barcelona?

11- 1

What are the leading soccer clubs in Spain?

The biggest clubs would be Barcelona, Real Madrid, Villareal and Atletico Madrid.

What is real Madrids biggest win?

Real Madrid biggest win is over their arch rivals Barcelona by 23-10000 , that is ages ago.

Real Madrid heaviest defeat?

The heaviest defeat by Real Madrid was a 13-0 La Liga loss to arch rivals Barcelona during the early 1980s.

What was real Madrid's biggest defeat in history?

5-0 deafeat agaist Barça

What is Real Madrid v Barcelona all time record?

Last year Barcelona thrashed Real Madrid 6-2.

What was the biggest lost of fc Barcelona?

It was 11-1 against Real Madrid, this was years ago.

What team has the biggest budget?

Manchester city has the biggest budget in the world when they got there new owner who is really rich! before that it was real Madrid!

What is the biggest tsunami in Madrid?

There are no tsunamis in Madrid.

Where will real Madrid practice?

Real Madrid's training centre is located at Ciudad Real Madrid in Valdebebas (Madrid).