What was the best curveball ever?

Updated: 10/23/2022
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bert blylevin threw the sweeping curve sandy koufax threw the 12-6 curve

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Q: What was the best curveball ever?
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What is the best pitch in MLB 2k9?

the 12-6 curveball by far

When was Curveball - informant - born?

Curveball - informant - was born in 1968.

What is a hanging curveball?

A hanging curveball is a curveball that is thrown in a way that makes it easier to hit. A good example of one is a slow curveball that is thrown down the middle. If you get one of these babies thrown to you while your at the plate, swing at it. It is an easy pitch to crush for a dinger or at least a double.

How does Stephen Strasburg hold his curveball?

Kind of like a sinker but his fingers are a little bit higher on the seams. So his fingers are about in between a curveball and a sinker. And I am talking about the traditonal grip for a curveball.

What pitches did david wells throw?

Fastball, Curveball, Changeup, Slider, Cutter, 2-Seamer. In his prime his fastball was about 92-93 MPH. His big, 12-6 curve was the what he was famous for....during the late 90s it was probably the best curveball in the game. His threw it about 70 MPH. The rest of his pitches were pretty average, but his fastball and that curveball were more than enough.

Is it possible to do a curveball?


Does a curveball really curve?


What are the release dates for Curveball - 2013 I?

Curveball - 2013 I was released on: USA: 31 May 2013 (Los Angeles, California) (premiere)

You are making a pitcher for MLB 08 the show what are the 3 best pitches for your player to throw?

four seam fastball, slider, curveball

What is the key to an effective curveball?

This is because of an optical illusion. If you look at a curveball, it looks like it's coming stragiht at you, but it's actually curving.

What was Iraqi Curveball's profession?

An Iraqi engineer.

What pitch is known as the uncle charlie?