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Q: What types of shelter do they use in chad?
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What does the starfish use for shelter?

It uses different types of platnts for a shelter.

What do hopi people use to build there shelter?

They used wood and skn for the other types of houses

What is types of shlter?

Shelter is housing.

What types of crops are grown in chad?

i think corn is grown there

What were the two types of air raid shelters called?

The two types of air raid shelters are called the Anderson shelter and the Morrison shelter

What do komodo dragons use for shelter?

They use burrows for shelter

What is a tax shelter and is it legal to use one?

A tax shelter is legal to use as long as it is your shelter and you have documents proving this. You can use this shelter for natural diasters which they are usually popular for.

What was the mongles shelter?

what did the mongols use for shelter

What types of shelter did the Olmec use?

The Olmec tribes lived and slept in one large building. There was a sleeping room for the people to sleep in at night.

What are the types of home budget?

its food clothing shelter

What types of shelter did soldiers live in?

nice ones

What do garillas use for shelter?

how do gorillas make their shelter