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He threw a fastball, curve, and slider, but was best-known for his circle change-up.

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Q: What types of pitches did frank viola throw?
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What is Frank Viola's birthday?

Frank Viola was born on April 19, 1960.

When was Frank Viola born?

Frank Viola was born on April 19, 1960.

How old is Frank Viola?

Frank Viola is 51 years old (birthdate: April 19, 1960).

When and where was baseball player Frank Viola born?

Frank Viola was born April 19, 1960, in Hempstead, NY, USA.

What instrument can play the highest a double bass or a viola?

The Viola can play higher. Pitches of String Instruments from highest to lowest are: Violin Viola Cello Double Bass

Can a Viola be a Violin?

No, violas and violins are completely different instruments with different pitches.

What are baseball player Frank Viola's physical stats?

Frank Viola is 6 feet 4 inches tall. He weighs 200 pounds. He bats left and throws left.

How is the violin different than thhe viol?

A violin has a G, D, A, and E string while a Viola has G, D, A, C. This means that the violin can play higher pitches, but the viola players lower pitches. The only difference is how high and low they can play.

Who was the last NY met pitcher to win 20 games?

Frank Viola

Who was English composer and Viola player who taught Britten as a child?

I think that the answer is Frank Bridge

What is Frank Viola known for?

Frank Viola is known as a former pitcher in Major League Baseball in America.He is the pitching coach for the Savannah Sand Gnats in Georgia. He batted and threw left handed which earned him a nick name 'SWEET MUSIC'.

When and where did baseball player Frank Viola play?

Frank Viola debuted on June 6, 1982, playing for the Minnesota Twins at Hubert H Humphrey Metrodome; he played his final game on May 28, 1996, playing for the Toronto Blue Jays at Skydome.