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It is either a Rawlings nrg or Xenith

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Q: What type of visor does Michael Vick wear?
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What number did Michael Vick wear in college?


Are there any NFL players that wear number 7?

There are a lot of players that wear #7, but the most widely one known is Michael Vick.

What football players wear 7?

Some current ones: Michael Vick, Ben Roethlisberger, Chad Henne

Do OHL hockey players have to wear a visor?

yes they have to wear visors.

In Star Trek The Next Generation why did Geordi wear a visor?

Geordi was blind he used the visor to see sorta.

What type of hats look good on someone with a double chin?

Cowboy hats are the best hats to wear when someone has a a double chin.

If you play on a football team that wears gold and brown at kind of football visor should you wear?

A black or clear visor

What is something you wear on your head that begins with the letter v?

People wear a visor on their head.

What can you do to protect your eyes?

Shut them Wear glasses (goggles) Wear a visor Turn away

What kind of visor does terrelle pryor wear?

a Nikke one

What kind of facemask does Drew Brees have?

Brees wears a facemask with three vertical bars on it and two horizontal. While the three-bar type is typically a running back style, other notable quarterbacks who wear a similar facemask are Michael Vick and Donovan McNabb.

Roman gladiator helmet facts?

Gladiator helmets had a grilled front, and a visor, Although the type of helmet and even whether or not the Gladiator would wear one depended on the Gladiator type.