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Look up the Super Bowl in 2008.

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Q: What time did the 2008 Super Bowl end in Central Time zone?
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What time does the 2008 Super Bowl start central time?

5 pm

What time is the 2008 Super Bowl kickoff in the Central Time Zone?

5:18 PM

What central time is super bowl 2011?

Kickoff for Super Bowl XLV will be around 5:25 Central.

What was the best nfl Super Bowl?

The 2008 super bowl of all time.

DWhen and at what time will the 2008 Super Bowl be playedate and time for Super Bowl 2008?

It is on Feb 1st and kickoff is at aprox. 6:20 Eastern Time!

What time does Super Bowl start according to central time?

5:17 PM central time in the USA

What time does super bowl 2011 start in central standard time?

The kickoff of Super Bowl XLV is at 5:25 CST.

What time does the super bowl start in Mississippi?

if your in central time zone the super bowl game starts at 5 pm on Fox

What time will 2009 Super Bowl air in Illinois?

5:00 pm Central Time is when coverage of the Super Bowl begins. The actual kickoff is set for 5:28pm Central Time.

What time is the Super Bowl on in Massachusetts?

Kickoff for the 2008 Super Bowl is about 6:15 pm EST.

Is Tom Petty performing at the 2008 Super Bowl?

Yes, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers performed during half-time of Super Bowl 2008.

What time does the 201o Super Bowl start central time?