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Here are a few ideas. Play the game. Well. Practice hard with a full measure of attention and effort. Eat and exercise according to a plan that will fully support the best possible physical performance. In particular, consider what one is eating and drinking when "out and about" or just chillin' at home. (Fun is okay, but indulgence for that sake alone is probably bad juju.) Avoid "extreme activities" where anything more than minor injury may be incurred. (A broken leg suffered on a ski competition long jump will be tough to live with.) Help train or coach or officiate - or just show up to inspire - where appropriate. Any player who plays in the best spirit of the game, and then lives the rest of his life in that same spirit, will build a testament to things good and worthwhile. And will be rewarded in ways he cannot possibly imagine.

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Proffesional soccer players need to have good teamwork, good sportmanship, eat right to stay in shape, and most importantly, if they are in a college online course to keep their grades up.

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A professional soccer team owner needs to provide the team with the resources needed for travel and participation in games. The owner also needs to promote the team to sponsors and fans.

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Q: What the responsibilities of a pro soccer player?
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