What teams want LeBron James?

Updated: 10/19/2022
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New York Knicks and Chicago Bulls so far but I am pretty sure they will be others

Apparently my friend isn't watching ESPN, because he is interested in 2 other teams already

(Heat, Cavs) :)

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Q: What teams want LeBron James?
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What teams did lebron James?

Miami Heat

How many teams have lebron James played for?


When did lebron James switch teams to the heat?

in 2012

Was LeBron James on the Los Angeles Lakers?

No, he was not. LeBron James has played for two teams, the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Miami Heat.

What is the order of the NBA teams in which they were admitted by year?

lebron James

Did LeBron James swatch teams?

yeah he went to the heat

What players have played for three of the top 4 teams?

lebron James

Does Lebron James smoke?

No he does not smoke anything but the opposing teams butt on the court.

Which 2 teams had the biggest rivalry in the ABA?

it was the heat and the cavs when lebron James was on the heat

Will Lebron James trade teams in 2 years?

No he will be playing the heats until he retireds

What teams did LeBron James play for in basketball?

LeBron James has always played for the Cleveland Cavaliers in professional Basketball. He has also played for Team USA.

Is Lebron James going to the celtics?

Lebron has not decided if he is leaving or not, if he has he has not told the press. There has been talk about going to different teams, however i don't think the Celtics can afford him.