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Green Bay in the first one and Atlanta in the second.

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Falcons and Packers.

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Q: What teams did John Elway beat in the super bowl?
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What teams beat john elway in super bowls?

Giants Redskins 49ers

What teams beat john elway and the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl?

NY Giants Washington Redskins San Fransisco 49ers

Who is better john elway or Brett Favre?

since john elway beat brett farve in super bowl 32 with a score of 31 to 24 I say john elway is better

Did John Elway beat every NFL team?

John Elway defeated every NFL team besides the Broncos, with whom he played for his entire career.

Who is the second youngest quarterback to win two Super Bowls?

john elway at age 38 oldest qb to even make it was rich gannnon at age 40 and in case you were wondering warner is 37 so no new record if they win tomorrow and youngest superbowl victor is Ben Roethlisberger when he was age 23 in 2006

Who was the quarterback that won the 1995 super bowl?

the lions and the tigers and the Boston red soxs

What teams did the steelers beat int the Super Bowl?

Arizona cardinals.

What teams didn't the cowboys beat in the Super Bowl?

packers and the steelers twice

Who were the teams Joe Montana beat in the Super Bowls?

Bengals (twice), Dolphins, and Broncos.

How do you win Super Bowl?

Win your division or make it in the wildcard. If you have a by round you beat 2 other teams in your conference and if you don't you beat 3 teams in your conference and the winner of the other conference.

What teams did san francisco beat in Super Bowl?

Bengals (twice), Dolphins, Broncos, and Chargers.

What teams beat New York Giants in Super Bowl?

In 2001 the Baltimore ravens beat the New York giants 34-7..