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Q: What team was Jerry Rice on when he received his last Super Bowl ring?
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Who received Super Bowl MVP and left their team to sign with the Raiders the year after?

Jerry Rice

In what Super Bowl was Jerry Rice's famous catch in?


What is the answer to the audio for the WFAN Super Bowl Contest?

Jerry rice!

Which player had the most yards receiving in a super bowl?

Jerry Rice. He had 215 yards in Super Bowl XXIII.

What is the highest amount of points for Jerry Rice in a Super Bowl?


Who holds the record for scoring 18 points in a Super Bowl more than once?

Jerry Rice. Rice caught 3 TD passes in both Super Bowl XXIV and Super Bowl XXIX.

What wide receiver has the most Super Bowl touch downs?

jerry rice

What black receiver has caught the most passes in a Super Bowl?

Jerry Rice

What year did the San Francisco 49er's when their first Super Bowl with Jerry Rice?

Jerry's first ring came in Super Bowl XXIII, the championship of the 1988 NFL season.

Who did Jerry Rice play for when he won the Super Bowl championship?

San Francisco 49ers

Who holds the record for most receiving yards in Super Bowl history?

Jerry Rice

What player caught 11 catches in a super bowl?

Wide Receivers with 11 receptions in a Super Bowl: Don Ross, Cincinnati, Super Bowl XVI Jerry Rice, San Francisco, Super Bowl XXIII Deion Branch, New Engand Super Bowl XXXIX Wes Welker, New England, Super Bowl XLII