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Darren McFadden now plays for the Oakland Raiders

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Q: What team is Darren McFadden playing on now?
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Which team is Darren McFadden on now?

He was selected by the Oakland Raiders.

Who is Felix Jones?

A Arkansas running back along side with Darren mcfadden. He is now playing for the dallas cowboys in the NFL.

Should I keep MJD Darren McFadden or Jimmy Graham in my yahoo fantasy football 2012 keeper league?

McFadden, when healthy, is a top 3 RB. He is the clearcut favorite here. MJD is holding out, and Graham is a TE, who is now injured.

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What University of Arkansas alumni now play in the NFL?

There are several that play in the NFL but here are a few: # Matt Jones # Darren McFadden # Felix Jones # Jamal Anderson

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