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Paul pogba played for le havre before joining Utd

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Q: What team did Pogba play for before Manchester United?
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What team did Valencia play for before Manchester United?

he play for wigan

What club did Christiano Ronaldo play in before joining Manchester united?

Cristiano Ronaldo played for Sporting CP before he was bought by Manchester United.

What team did Darren Gibson play for before he went to Manchester united?

He's been playing at Manchester United all through his youth career and hasn't played for a professional club before United.

Where did javier hernandez play before Manchester?

He played for Chivas United in Mexico.

Who will win if Manchester United to play chealsea?

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Who does Manchester united play in the semifinals of the 2011 champions league?

Manchester United play Schalke.

What country does Manchester united play for?

Manchester United is a club in England.

What team did javier hernandez play for before he was sold to Manchester united in England?


Q4 Which Club did Cristiano Ronaldo play for before Manchester United?

Sporting CP :)

How can you play for Manchester united?

Manchester will never let you play in their team

Does Manchester United own the ethiad stadium?

No. The Ethiad Stadium is where Manchester City play, not Manchester United.

Players who used to play at Manchester united who still play?

Nicky Butt played for Manchester United and Newcastle United as well.