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Q: What team did Gary Lineker support as a young boy?
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Did Gary lineker play for England?

Indeed, Gary Lineker did play for the English national team.

How many goals Gary Lineker scored in 1986 FIFA World Cup?

Gary Neville is a defender so he has not scored many goals.

What team football does Gary barlow support?


What football team does Gary Oldman support?


Which football team does Gary lightbody support?

Dundee FC

What football team does Gary lightbody support?

Dundee FC and Northern Ireland.

Who is the leading goal scorer for England?

1) Sir Bobby Charlton 49 Goals (106 Caps) 2) Gary Lineker 48 Goals (80 Caps) 3) Jimmy Greaves 44 Goals (57 Caps) 4) Michael Owen

What football team does angus and Malcolm young support?

Glasgow Rangers

What football team does Gary Anderson support?

Glasgow rangers

What team does Angus Young support?

Detroit As far as I know, Angus Young doesn't support any football team. He hasn't shown any enthusiasm for any sport during his career. There seems to be no evidence on the web that he has.

Who are you played on Bobby Robson world cup 1990 and played for England?

The 1990 English team was managed by Sir Bobby Robson, the players were Gary, Lineker, Peter Stilton, David Platt, Stuart Pearce, Paul Gascoigne, , John Barnes, Scott Parker, Alan Shearer.Chris Woods.

How do you become famous like Gary and Franky on Club Penguin?

You can become famous, cos famous trainer is here. Club Penguin Support Team