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Q: What street do you get off of the south shore for the cubs game?
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Should i go to the cubs game or should my dad go to the cubs game?

you shoud

What is the noun clause in the sentence The cubs won the game surprised me?

Firstly, the sentence is not grammatical. It should be 'the cubs winning the game surprised me'. Then, the nounal clause is 'the cubs winning the game'.

What was the Score of the cubs game on June 13 1908?

The Cubs lost to Toronto 3-2.

How many Chicago Cubs have had 5 or more hits in a game?

According to the official Chicago Cubs site, 10 Cubs have hit 6 hits in a single game. The last one to do it was Sammy Sosa in 1993.

What game can you play that you could be a tiger?

tiger island is a game where you could be a tiger find your love and have cubs defend your cubs from prededers eat deers and hunt other stuff find a den for your cubs to live in.

What Mediacom channel is showing the Chicago Cubs game?

in most areas cubs games are showing on comcast sports net plus channel which may not be showing in your area

When did Street Legal - game - happen?

Street Legal - game - happened in 2002.

When was Street Legal - game - created?

Street Legal - game - was created in 2002.

How many innings were in the longest cubs game?

The longest Cubs game was 26 innings and lasted 8 hours and 6 minutes. The date was May 8th, 1984. ---- The Cubs game on May 8, 1984 went 9 innings with the Cubs winning 12-11. The White Sox game on May 8, 1984 lasted 25 innings with the White Sox winning 7-6.

How can you watch a cubs game in Boston?

Direct TV

Who pitched the 1st game in the World Series in 1945?

Hal Newhouser of the Detroit Tigers and Hank Bowory of the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs won the game 9-0.

What time did the Cubs game start today?

At home, the Cubs regularly start at 1:20 or 7:05.