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Q: What religion is roman abrahamovic the owner of Chelsea fc?
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Who is Chelsea's owner?

Roman Abramovich is Chelsea's owner.

Who is richer between aliko dangote and roman abrahamovic?

it is roman abrohamovic

Who is the owner of Chelsea football team?

Roman Abramovich

What is the list of management structure for Chelsea football club starting with roman abramovich?

Owner of Chelsea football club

Who is FC Chelsea's owner?

roman abromavich he is Russian and VERY VERY rich

Who is the richest owner in Soccer?

Chelsea FC's owner. Roman Abramovich. He's from Russia and owns oil land.

Why did mourhino leave Chelsea fc?

he left Chelsea unexectedly saying that it was mutual consent. also he had arguments with roman abramovich (the owner)

Who did Chelsea fc buy in 2003?

Chelsea FC set a record in 2003 under new owner Roman Abramovich. He was the one that sanctioned Andriy Shevchenko's transfer for over 30 million pounds.

Are Chelsea the best soccer team ever?

yes? of coarse although the owner roman abramovich the owner is a rich fag. he stuffs up the chesea team so much buyin players like drogba ( or diving drogba) apart from that all Chelsea players are legend and Chelsea are the best especially Petr cech ( best keeper in the world)

Is roman abramovic the owner of the known house investment LLC?

No, Roman Abramovich is not the owner of Known House Investment LLC. Known House Investment LLC is a real estate investment company based in the United States. Roman Abramovich is a Russian billionaire and owner of the English football club Chelsea FC.

Who is Roman Abramovich?

............12.1 billion.

When did abramovich buy Chelsea?

Chelsea FC was bought buy Roman Abramovich in 2003