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Steven Gerrards daughters attend Merchant Taylor's Girls Independent School in Crosby, Merseyside

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Q: What primary school did steven Gerrard go to?
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What nicknames does Steven Gerrard go by?

Steven Gerrard goes by Stevie, and Stevie G.

What college did steven Gerrard go to?

steven Gerrard didnt go to college as he was accepted in the Liverpool football academy at the age of 9

What jobs did steven Gerrard go to?

played football

Where did steven Gerrard and alex curran go on their honey moon?


Why did steven Gerrard go to Liverpool?

because Liverpool is the best club in the world

Where did Steven Gerrard Xabi Alonso go to college?

neither went to college - they play football instead

Who is the best premier league player 2009?

Nani currently on 16 with 8 games to go, nearest rivals Arshavin/Baines and co are on 11.

What type of personalty does Steven Gerrard have?

Besides Steven Gerrard's free kick, coordination, spirit of the game, and speed, Gerrard is a great leader for Liverpool. As the captain, he critiques his teammates on what to do and where to go to be better players. Gerrard is overall amazing.

Is steven Gerrard Muslim?

Gerrard is most certainly not a Muslim, my friend sayman use to go church with him. Bare cool, he beat him in a 200m sprint apparently! btw im am actually a important member of the Hindi community in Britain so i know for certain that he is in fact not a Muslim. Alex Anzalone

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