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Celtic are rich...Rangers are bust...simples

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Q: What position on the rich list of football clubs is Glasgow Celtic?
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What are the Names of Glasgows two main football teams?

Celtic Football Club and Rangers Football Club are generally considered to be the two biggest football clubs in Scotland. . Rangers Football Club is based in the Ibrox district of Glasgow, and Celtic Football Club is based in the Parkhead area of Glasgow.

What famous Soccer team is from Glasgow?

Glasgow Celtic and Glasgow Rangers, both are famous clubs.

When was Celtic football club founded?

1888, Hibernian fc organisers (Irish Catholic priests) founded Glasgow Hibernians, they changed their name to Glasgow Celtic. Pinched Edinburgh Hib's best players, & have been doing so ever since.

What is the famous footballteam in Scotland?

Depends on what you mean by 'famous'. Glasgow Rangers and Glasgow Celtic are the two biggest and two most famous clubs.

Who Are The Old Firm In Scotland?

Celtic and Rangers football clubs.

I need two scottish football clubs?

Celtic and Rangers? They're the obvious two.

What do the colors blue and green mean to Scotland?

I can only assume that you mean blue and green with regards to certain football (soccer) teams. Glasgow Rangers play in blue shirts while Glasgow Celtic play in green and white hoops. This doesn't actually mean much outside of Glasgow. Even in Glasgow among supporters of Partick Thistle and Queen's Park (Glasgow's other football clubs) blue and green mean not a lot. They are only colours after all. But it's the conotations.

When was rangers football clubs first champions league?

Glasgow Rangers have never won the Champions League.

What rangers player supports Celtic?

There is no current Glasgow Rangers player who openly supports Celtic, as it would go against the fierce rivalry between the two clubs.

Who was Celtic football clubs first official substitute and who was thee player to come off?

John fallon the goalkeeper

Why are rangers and aberdeen rivals in scottish football?

Because they are two of the three most successful clubs in Scotland, along with Celtic.

How many teams won the European cup with only homegrown players?

In 1967 Glasgow Celtic won the European Cup with a team of players who were all Scots born within a 30 miles radius of the clubs football ground Celtic Park. This team became known as the Lisbon lions. I am not sure this is a unique achievement within Europe but it is within the UK and Ireland.