What position does derrick rose play?

Updated: 12/13/2022
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Point Guard

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Q: What position does derrick rose play?
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Did Derrick rose play for the Celtics?

No, Derrick Rose never played for the Celtics. He currently plays for the Chicago Bulls

What city does Derrick Rose play in?


Where did derrick rose play first?


Is it possible to take the point guard position from derrick rose in 2k11?

Yes, you can put anyone at point guard, even if they don't play that position in real life.

Who inspired derrick rose to play?

his three brothers

What position does Derrick Favors play?

Derrick Favors plays center for the Utah Jazz.

How do you change the settings and make deriick rose play in nba 2k12?

Derrick Rose does play in NBA 2k 12

What position does Derrick Shelby play?

Derrick Shelby plays Defensive End for the Miami Dolphins.

What position does Derrick Coleman play?

Derrick Coleman plays Running Back for the Seattle Seahawks.

What position does Derrick Morgan play?

Derrick Morgan plays Defensive End for the Tennessee Titans.

Did derrick rose's dad play basketball for Thornton high school?


What position does Derrick Johnson play?

Derrick Johnson plays Line Back for the Kansas City Chiefs.