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Dewey McDonald plays Safety for the Indianapolis Colts.

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Q: What position does Dewey McDonald play?
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What NFL team does Dewey McDonald play for?

Dewey McDonald plays for the Indianapolis Colts.

What college did NFL player Dewey McDonald play for?

NFL player Dewey McDonald played for California (PA).

How tall is Dewey McDonald?

NFL player Dewey McDonald is 6'-01''.

How old is Dewey McDonald?

As of the end of the 2013-2014 NFL season Dewey McDonald is -- years old.

How much does NFL player Dewey McDonald weigh?

NFL player Dewey McDonald weighs 215 pounds.

What position does James McDonald play?

James McDonald is a starting pitcher for the Chicago Cubs.

What position does Andrew McDonald play?

Andrew McDonald plays Offensive Tackle for the Carolina Panthers.

What position does T.J. McDonald play?

T.J. McDonald plays Safety for the St. Louis Rams.

What position does John McDonald play?

John McDonald is a third baseman for the Los Angeles Angels.

What position does Nick McDonald play?

Nick McDonald plays Center for the San Diego Chargers.

What position does Colin McDonald play?

Colin McDonald plays right wing for the New York Islanders.

What position does Ray McDonald play?

Ray McDonald plays Defensive Tackle for the San Francisco 49ers.