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QB Charley Johnson in 1970 and 1971.

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Q: What players wore the number 12 for the Houston oilers?
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Who wore number 12 for the Houston Oilers?

Kenny Stabler was # 12 for the Houston Oilers in the year 1981.

Uniform number Michael barber?

If you're referring to Mike Barber of the Houston Oilers, he wore #86.

Who wore 80 for th Houston oilers?

b.whiteshoes johnson

Who wore number nine Edmonton Oilers when gretzky?

Glen Anderson wore #9 for the Edmonton Oilers.

What football players wore 00?

George Plimpton in 1973 Although there may have been others, Jim Otto played center for the Oakland Raiders in the early 60s and wore the number "00."

What famous football player wore or wears number 1?

Warren Moon wore number 1. He used to be the quarterback for the Houston Oilers (that franchise has since moved and became the Tennessee Titans.

Who wore number 55 on the 1990 Edmonton Oilers team?

On the 1990-91 Edmonton Oilers, no player wore the #55.

What players wore number 00 for the Oakland Raiders?

There were two NFL players that wore 00:1) Jim Otto, center for the Oakland Raiders between 1960-1974.2) Ken Burrough, wide receiver for the New Orleans Saints and Houston Oilers between 1970-1981.

What Number did center Bobby Maples wear?

Bobby Maples played between 1965-1978 for the Houston Oilers, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Denver Broncos. While he was with the Oilers his jersey number was 50. As far as the Steelers and Broncos are concerned I do not know what jersey number he wore.

What Houston Astros players wore number 14?

The Houston Astros have had 35 different players wear uniform number 22. Currently, Carlos Corporan wears this number. Uniform number 22 was first worn by Al Heist in 1962.

What number did Wayne Gretzky wear?

while on the l.a kings he wore his 99 number, before that he wore his 99 while playing for the Edmonton oilers in Canada. his first number was 11, when he was 10. after that his professional number has been 99.

Who is the future hall of fame defenceman who played for the Edmonton Oilers and wore jersey 7?

Paul Coffey wore jersey 7 for the Oilers.