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Tom Dunbar (Celtic 1888-1891, Rangers 1891-1892, Celtic 1892-1898)

Allan Martin (Rangers 1891-1892, Celtic 1895-1896)

George Livingstone (Celtic 1901-1902, Rangers 1906-1909)

Alex Bennett (Celtic 1903-1908, Rangers 1908-1918)

Tom Sinclair (Rangers 1904-1906, Celtic 1906-1907)

Robert Campbell (Celtic 1905-1906, Rangers 1906-1914)

Hugh Shaw (Rangers 1905-1906, Celtic 1906-1907)

Willie Kivlichan (Rangers 1905-1907, Celtic 1907-1911)

David Taylor (Rangers 1906-1911, Celtic 1918-1919 wartime guest)

Davie McLean (Celtic 1907-1909, Rangers 1918-1919)

Scott_Duncan (Rangers 1913-1918, Celtic 1918-1919 wartime guest)

James Young (Celtic 1917-1918, Rangers 1917-1918)

Tully Craig (Celtic 1919-1922, Rangers 1923-1935)

Alfie Conn, Jr. (Rangers 1968-1974, Celtic 1977-1979)

Mo Johnston (Celtic 1984-1987, Rangers 1989-1992)

Steven Pressley (Rangers 1990-1994, Celtic 2006-2008)

Mark Brown (Rangers 1999-2001, Celtic 2007-2010)

Kenny Miller (Rangers 2000-2001, Celtic 2006-2007, Rangers 2008-2011)

Also Kenny McDowal has coached both teams

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John Spencer,Billy Dodds,G Roberts,Spackman,Dj,Durie,Laudrup,Flo,Robert Fleck,Wilkins,

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mark walters, georgios kyrgiakos

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Q: What players have played for Liverpool and rangers?
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