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Carlos Delgado

Kevin Elster

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Q: What player wore jersey number 21 on the Mets?
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Who was the NY Mets player wore jersey number 75?

The Number 25 was not used by the Mets in 1970. Amos Otis wore in the number for the World Series Champion Mets in 1969 and Don Hahn wore the number in 1971

What Met wore Jersey number 28 In the time frame of 1992-1998?

No Mets player wore #28 in 1992 and pitcher Bobby Jones wore #28 between 1993-2000.

Did the NY Mets retire jersey number 21?

No.Carlos Delgado wore #21 in 2009 and has worn it for the Mets since 2006.

Who wore the Number 6 on the New York Mets?

No Mets player or coach wore the number 9 during their World Series winning 1986 season

What players on the Mets wore jersey number 24?

willie mays Kelvin Torve and Rickey Henderson wore #24 after Mays did

What was casey stengel's number?

Casey Stengel's number as a player was 1, and as a manager, he wore number 37 for the New York Yankees and number 30 for the New York Mets.

What player wore 22 for the Mets and Yankees?

Many people had the number 22 in the Mets but i believed it was retired in the Yanks

What is the best basketball jersey number?

the number the greatest player wore 23

Which Benfica player wore number 9 in 1963?

It was the great Eusibio of benfica and Portugal who wore jersey number 9 in 1963.

What famous basketball player wore jersey number thirteen?

Steve Nash

What Alabama football player wore jersey number 8?

Julio jones

What was Tom Seaver's jersey number?

Tom Seaver number 41Tom Seaver wore uniform number 41 throughout his 20 year career with the Mets, Reds, White Sox, and Red Sox.