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ihts 8pct.

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Q: What percentage of nba players is foreign born?
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What percentage of players in the NBA are black?

60 Percent

What percentage of Division 1 basketball players go to the NBA?

its about 1% of players

What percentage of NBA players actually graduated from college?


What percentage of NBA players have illegitimate children?


What percentage of NCAA D1 players go onto the NBA?

About 3%.

What percentage of NBA players were white during Bill Russell's career?


What NBA players were not born in the US?

There are numerous NBA players not born in the U.S., too many to be named. A few examples are Tim Duncan and Beno Udrih.

What NBA players were born in Boston?

nerlens noel

What legal political economic and cultural differences might be significant to an NBA team recruiting foreign players?

Based on the recent history of the NBA with regard to foreign players, the political, economic and cultural factors behind each player do not seem to be important. The NBA has recruited players from China, Turkey, Italy and Argentina. Each of these nations are totally different from the USA and in many cases different from each other. NBA players are primarily Americans however, since basketball has become an international sport, the NBA is doing fine regardless of a player's nation.

Who was the first foreign born player in the NBA?

There were foreign born players in the BAA (The NBA from 1946-1949) in the very first season (1946-1947). There were German (Frido Frey), Italian (Hank Biasatti), and Canadian born (Norm Baker & Gino Sovran) players. After the first BAA season, the very first BAA Draft was held in 1947. Hank Biasatti, born in Italy, was taken by the Boston Celtics making him the very first foreign born player to be drafted into the NBA. In 1970, the first truly foreign players were taken in the draft. Manuel Raga from Mexico and Dino Meneghin from Italy were the first foreign born players drafted who were playing in foreign leagues. Neither Raga or Meneghin ever made it to the NBA though. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- According to, Georgi Glouchkov of Bulgaria was the first foreign born player in the NBA when he was signed by the Phoenix Suns in 1985. Glouchkov played in 49 games for the Suns in the 1985-1986 season averaging 4.9 points a game. He spent only one season with the Suns and went back to play in Europe the following season. This is incorrect, Rolando Antonio "Ro" Blackman was born in Panamá, February 26th 1959 and played for the Dallas Mavericks from 1981 until 1992 before closing out the last 2 years of his career with the New York Knickerbockers. Mychal Thompson (Bahamas). Drafted 1st overall in 1978 NBA draft. 2 x championships 87/88 with LA Lakers. Retired in 1991. Lars Hansen (Denmark). Drafted 3rd round, 37th overall in 1976 NBA draft by Chicago Bulls. 15 games in NBA, Avg 5.1 pts, 3.9 reb.

Are thar any players from the nba that were born from Costa Rica?


How many NBA Players have been born in Detroit?