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Q: What percentage of charlotte bobcats does Robert Johnson own?
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Who is the owner of the NBA team Charlotte Bobcats?

Robert JohnsonRobert Johnson is the majority owner of the Bobcats with NBA legend, Michael Jordan as minority owner ... Johnson made NBA history as the first African-American to become a majority owner of a NBA team ... It is also worth noting that Johnson is also the owner of the WNBA team Charlotte Sting ...

How many games will Charlotte Bobcats win?

NBA promised Charlotte leaders that the city would be granted an NBA expansion team for the 2004-05 season. On December 18, 2002, a group led by Black Entertainment Television founder Robert Johnson was awarded the franchise. their first NBA game was November 4, 2004

How did the Charlotte Bobcats get their name?

Bobcats, along with Charlotte Flight and Charlotte Dragons were the top three choices as voted by fans. The Charlotte Regional Sports Commission aided with the "Help Name The Team" effort that drew over 1,250 suggestions. The bobcat, an expert at survival according to the North Carolina Wildlife Commission, is athletic, fierce and an indigenous predator to the Carolinas. Charlotte, already being home to the Carolina Panthers of the National Football League, made the cat-related name a natural choice for the area's new basketball team. There is also speculation as to whether or not the "Bob" in Bobcats is a further reference to Robert "Bob" Johnson, the original owner of the team.

Who was.the first black to own a tv network?

The Black Entertainment Television Network was founded in 1980 by Robert Johnson (Bob Johnson, owner of the Charlotte Bobcats). He was born on April 8, 1946 in Hickory Mississippi. His family was not wealthy at all. he was the tenth of his parents eleven children. Bob Johnson worked hard to get to where he wanted to be . He succeeded in all of his dreams and he is now known as the first African American Billionaire. Ref:

Who are the owners of BET?

Robert L. Johnson

What actors and actresses appeared in Charlotte et Robert - 2009?

The cast of Charlotte et Robert - 2009 includes: Loredana Acquaviva as Charlotte Eric da Costa as Robert Dominique Lollia as Passante

IS Robert L Johnson DEAD?

no Robert l. Johnson is not dead

What year did Robert Johnson become a billionaire?

Specify WHICH Robert Johnson.

When did Robert Johnson - governor - die?

Robert Johnson - governor - died in 1735.

When was Lacey Robert Johnson born?

Lacey Robert Johnson was born in 1854.

What is the sexual orientation of Robert L Johnson?

Robert L. Johnson is heterosexual.

What is Robert Johnson's birthday?

Robert Johnson was born on May 8, 1911.