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Q: What percentage of Americans go to baseball games?
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What percentage of people go to baseball games in the summer?

probally 80percent

What percentage of white Americans go to college?


What percentage of Americans smoke marijuana and go on to do harder drugs?

About 20%.

What is the percentage of NHL games that go into overtime?


Why do you go to baseball games?

for enjoyment

What percentage of games that go to ET end up going to penalties?

80 % brooo

What video baseball games are avalible for Xbox besides 2K6?

Lots of them. go to google an type in "Baseball Games available for Xbox"

Where do you go to watch replays of baseball games for free?


What percentage of Americans go rv'ing?

More than 50% of the American travelers go rv'ing. Rv'ing is proved to be beneficial and help with peoples problems such as stress or reuniting the family.

What percentage of Americans attend church regularly?

There are many different answers to the question of American church attendance. One study concluded that about 40% of Americans claim to go to church but only about 18% actually attend church regularly.

How do you get your girlfriend to go to your baseball games?

Try talking to her. Let her know how much it would mean to you.

What year did baseball go from 140 games to 154?

In 1920, both the American and National leagues expanded their schedules from 140 games to 154 game schedules.