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Q: What pass route is described as running down the field and then coming back to the quarterback?
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Does the quarterback have his headset on while on the field during game play?

The quarterback is provided with a helmet with a green sticker. It consists of a speaker and a mike to communicate with the coach while on the field.

Who can sack a quarterback?

Anyone on the field can, usually only the defense does

What are the offensive players in football?

1. Quarterback 2. Half Back (Running Back) 3. Fullback 4. Center 5. Right Guard 6. Left Guard 7. Right Tackle 8. Left tackle 9. Tight End (can be more than one on field) 10. Wide Reciever (can be more than one on field)

what does the back do?

the quarterback leads the team on offense in football. He tells the team what the play is and also tells them how to run the play. The quarterback gets the ball form the center at the beginning of each play. Once he gets the ball he has the right to hand it off to a running back, pass down the field, run with the ball or do any combinations of those actions. The quarterback is the most important player on offense.

Where is the quarterback in the wildcat formation?

Either no where on the field or at a wide receiver spot.

There is usually only one of these on the field for the offensive team?


How do you do a play action fake?

A 'play action fake' is football jargon for the quarterback faking a handoff to a running back and then throwing down field. So you, as the QB, would do a play action fake by faking to hand the ball off to a running back and then dropping back to throw.

What quarterback has the most wins in Soldier Field?

Brett Favre

Where do you run?

In a standard running field and sometimes parks , the best choice is Running field.

What does a quarterback do?

A quarterback plays American football. A football team has various parts - offense, defense, and special teams. A quarterback runs the offense, which means the quarterback's team has the ball. To start a play, the offensive team must snap the ball, which means the player called the center gives the ball to the quarterback. The quarterback starts each snap by calling a series of numbers or words, and there is one special word, like "hike," which tells the center to snap the ball and the players to start playing. After the snap, the quarteback usually does one of three things: 1. Hand the ball, called a hand-off, to running back, who tries to run to end zone of the field to score a touchdown, worth 6 points. 2. throw the ball, called a pass, to a receiver, who tries to run to end zone of the field to score a touchdown, worth 6 points. 3. run to end zone of the field to score a touchdown, worth 6 points. If you want to see what a quarterback does, you can watch college games on Saturday afternoons and professional games on Sunday afternoons from September to December. The quarterback is a very important part of the team - he is like an Army general who controls what the people on his team do. The team's coach directs the quarterback, but when the players are on the field, the quarterback is the leader of the team. In order to score points, the offense has "plays," which tell the players what to do and where to go. Before each snap, the quarterback tells his players what the play is, and then the quarterback and his players try to make the play happen. The other team, which has a defense, tries to stop the quarterback and his players from doing the play and scoring points. Usually the coach tells the quarterback what play to use. Some quarterbacks are allowed to pick all of the plays. Sometimes the coach tells the quarterback which play to use, but when the quarterback gets ready for the snap, he sees a better play and changes the play - this is called an audible. American football is played from September to December - college teams play special games called Bowl games in December and January, and professional teams have playoffs in January and the beginning of February.

The vikings beat the packers this week as what veteran quarterback returned to Lambeau Field?

Brett Favre

What does an American football guard do?

A guard plays on the interior of the Offensive Line. There are two guards on the field, one on each side of the center. A guard's main role is to block for the quarterback and running back, which is to say that they keep defenders away from the player with the ball.