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Q: What number shirt did lee bowyer play at Leeds utd?
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What number shirt does david James play in?

Number 1

Who plays sport with 8 on their shirt?

Thousands of people play with number 8 on their shirt.

What shirt number did souness play for Liverpool?

He played with number 8.

When did baseball player Travis Bowyer play?

Travis Bowyer debuted on September 10, 2005 and played his final game on September 29, 2005.

What number shirt does ronaldinho play in?

Number 80 for AC Milan and 10 for Brazil

What will Luis Suarez shirt number will be?

He has his favourite number '16' already taken byKygriakos, so he will take the shirt number 11 or 7 depending on the role he will play in, and will take his number '16' in the summer.Luis Surarez shirt number will be number seven for Liverpool it says in wki

What is Shane Warne's ODI shirt number?

Shane Warne's One-Day International shirt number was 23 - which he used to play with Victoria, Hampshire, and the Rajasthan Royals.

Which football teams don't play in their own city i.e Leeds play in Leeds?

Rushden play in Irthlingborough Wimbledon play in Milton keynes! I'm sure they are called MK Dons now.......??

Which number on the shirt has wearing Nemanja Vidic when he play for Red Star Belgrade?


Who does Robert snodgrass play soccer for?

Leeds United

What team does Davide somma play for?

Leeds united

What year did leeds town become leeds city?

Leeds United never became Leeds City, it's the other way around. But anyway, the answer is Leeds United started to officially play professional football in 1919.