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Q: What number did Andy Nelson wear for the Colts?
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What number did Reggie Nelson wear at UF?

Number 1.

What number is Darrius Heyward-Bey?

For the Indianapolis Colts, he will wear #81.

What number did Andy harmon wear?

andy harmon as in the football player for the Egals? well his jersy number was 91.

What jersey number did Demarcus nelson wear for duke?


Who was last to wear number 28 for the colts before marlin Jackson?

Marshall Faulk

Who is replacing Peyton Manning for the colts?

No one replaced Peyton Manning. When he was released by the Indianapolis Colts, his number (#18) was retired so that no subsequent player could wear this number for the team.

Why did nelson Mandela wear a jersey with the number 6?

It was the number of the Springbok captain, Francois Pienaar

What number did Reggie Nelson wear before becoming drafted to the NFL?


What number did Andy Najar wear in the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

Andy Najar wore jersey number 17 in the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

List of player to wear the number 9 Liverpool jersey?

torress Andy caroll

Who wear number 14 in NBA?

Al Thorton (2010).

What number did Nelson Mandela wear on his rugby jersey during 1995 Rugby world cup?

I believe it was number 7