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"Everyone knows that shaq made all his money playing in college"

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Q: What nba player left there team for more money?
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Which player earn more salary anualy totally?

In Indian cricket team dhoni and tendulkkar getting more money than football players anually. Dhoni is raice between cricket and football money player. Cris-ronaldo second position money player.

Who makes the most money in the MLB?

Team = Yankees Player = Arod

Where does the money go when a player is suspended for steroid use?

It doesn't "go" anywhere, any more than the money for your paycheck "goes" somewhere if you are fired. If a player is suspended or banned for an illegal act -- steroids or gambling or whatever -- the contract that obligated the team to pay the player's salary is void during that time. In the same way that any employer is not legally obligated to pay a salary after firing an employee, that team is not obligated to take money out of its payroll budget to pay a suspended player's salary. How a team alters its budget is up to that team.

How can A player in the NHL play 83 games?

He got traded from a team that had already played more games (at the time of the trade) than the team he is being traded to. Quite simply, this player now plays for a team that has more games left to complete than his old club. Therefore, he is able to play over 82 games.

What are the player salaries of the Oklahoma City thunder nba team?


If a sports team gets paid by sponsors and keeps any left over money is this embezzlement?

Not enough background information is given with which to answer.If the team CLAIMS it NEEDS more money than is actually required, and then keeps the extra money, yes-probably, it would qualify as some degree of Fraud.However, if the sponsor just gives the team management a certain amount of money (a donation) and leaves it to the team management's discretion how to spend it, no-probably not.

Why are the yankee's a baseball team and not a softball team?

baseball brings more money.

How much money can a super bowl player earn if he is on the winning team?


What is pot bowling?

Pot bowling in tenpin bowling is when you are bowling for money. It may mean bowling against another player or a team against a team for an amount of money.

What is a game in hand when referring to standings?

That means one team has played one less game than another team so they have one more game left to play than the other team. If two teams are fighting for a playoff spot and Team A has 3 games left and Team B has 2 games left, Team A would have 'a game in hand' over Team B because they have one more game left to play.

Who makes more money baseball or basketball players?

A baseball player makes more money then a basketball player... most money payed for a baseball player right now is 30.5 mill for Alex Rodriguez. Most for a basketball player this year(2007-08) is 21 mill for Kevin Garnet!

How much money does NBA players make in a year?

It depends on who the player is and what team he plays for.