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You can play anywhere- indoors and outdoors. If you bring cones you can turn any open field into a regulation sized Ultimate Frisbee field. And you can play indoors in a gym or sports complex.

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Q: What kind of place can you play ultimate frisbee?
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Is physical contact allowed in ultimate frisbee?

No, no physical contact is allowed in Ultimate Frisbee. That would be considered a foul and the play would reset.

What does stupidest play in ultimate frisbee mean?

It means that the play was a very stupid one.

How is the field arranged what does it resemble in ultimate frisbee?

The field in ultimate frisbee is similar to the one of American football. There are two endzones and one large play area in between.

Why is ultimate frisbee so dumb?

Ultimate Frisbee is not considered an Olympic sport because it's a fairly young sport. However, Ultimate is recognized by the Olympic Committee

What is The Spirit of the Game in ultimate frisbee?

The spirit of the game in ultimate Frisbee is that you follow the rules and play fair. Since there are no referees in ultimate, is is up to the players to call their own fouls and travels. Spirit of the game is that you will not cheat and you will go out their and play fairly. After the game, you will be respectful and not brag or boast.

What PE games are similar to frisbee?

Well if you have never played Ultimate Frisbee I think you should try it out, I play with my buds, it's real fun.

Is physical contact allowed in Ultimate?

No, no physical contact is allowed in Ultimate Frisbee. That would be considered a foul and the play would reset.

Is ultimate frisbee a career?

For some people yes. There are national and international teams that play for money.

Do you play ultimate Frisbee inside or outside?

Well it depends on the pool. It could be outside or inside.

Can you handoff the frisbee in ultimate frisbee?

No, that would be considered a "travel" and the play would reset. To be considered a fair toss and not a travel, the disc would have to completely leave your hands.

What is the stupidest play in ultimate frisbee?

The stupidest play I have ever seen in Ultimate Frisbee was the "on-side kick." When you are pulling, you throw it right in front of your zone and try to stall count it. However, the pre-stall and actual stall are ten seconds each, so it's hard to actually pull this play off.

What is stripping in ultimate frisbee?

Stripping is when the defender/mark hits the disc out of the handlers hand when they are not throwing it. Play will stop and play will continue one the disc is tapped in.