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He uses a Wilson A2K 11 1/4 Infielders Glove.

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Q: What kind of glove does Brandon Phillips use?
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What baseball glove did Brandon Inge use in 2006 and 2007.?

I think he used an A2000 thousand Wilson baseball glove that was brown.

What kind of glove does Danny Valencia use?

a really good kind

What kind of glove does Curtis Granderson use?


What kind of glove does Matt Kemp use?

Im almost positive he uses an Easton glove

What kind of glove does Fernando tatis use?

I think its the rawling pro perferred but not sure

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It all depends on the kind of glove. First base gloves are much bigger than a fielder's glove. Most fielders use a 12" or 13".

What makes a baseball glove pop louder?

Nothing makes a glove pop louder, the pop is based on what kind of leather your glove is n how hard it is.The glove isn't gonna have a loud pop if its old. It aslo helps if you use GlovePop.

What kind of glove does Kurt Warner Tom Brady and Ben Roethlisberger use on their throwing hand?


What kind of glove does an mlb shortstop use?

most shortstops will use a littler size glove like a 11 1/2 or 11 1/4, with a i web or modified trap possibly a h web

What kind of glove does Joe Mauer use?

Joe Mauer uses a 34 inch, 32 oz. Rawlings Adirondack Pro Model #232.

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