What kind of bat did Hank Aaron use?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Q: What kind of bat did Hank Aaron use?
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Does Hank Aaron use Twitter?

There is no Twitter account for this person.

Who hit the most home runs without steroids?

Hank Aaron has the 2nd highest career HR's after Barry Bonds. Hank Aaron has never been linked to steroid use and Barry Bonds has so the answer would seem to be Hank Aaron.

Who has the homerun record?

Hank AaronAnswerIn August 2007, Barry Bonds passed Hank Aaron with the use of steroids, but he will NOT be inducted into the hall of fame for taking steroids.

What kind of bat should you use to hit homers with?

THE one YOU can HOLD

What kind of bat did Jackie Robinson use?

a demarenie vendeta cat osterman and dobel wall bat

What kind of weapons did the Qin Dynasty use?

baseball bat

What kind of baseball bat does Hunter Pence use?


What kind of cellphone does the character Hank Moody use on the show?

Motorola Razor-ish like.

Was Hank Aaron ever accused of steriod use?

No. A few idiots have gone from (1) a pitching team-mate of Aaron claims to have used steriods, but denies anyone but other pitchers did so to (2) Aaron used steroids; but no intelligent person can take such a leap of logic seriously.

What kind of bat does derrek lee use?

d-lee uses an old hickory

How does the -10 on a softball bat reflect on hitting?

Kind of . Not necessarily . That number is the difference between the length of the bat and the weight . the larger the number, the faster the bat may be swung. I prefer to use a -11 personally . It's great bat speed.

Did Hank Aaron use steroids?

Well yes he did here is what his mother said"My boy has a chance to do it (break the Babe Ruth career home run record). He takes care of himself and nothing comes in front of baseball for Henry (Aaron). Nothing. On days when he is feeling good, it's just too bad for the pitchers." - Estella Aaron (Hank Aaron's Mother).