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Dependent on locale it could be a high paying job in a military production plant in the US or Canada. It might be slave labor as part of slave labor camp in Poland, Croatia or Germany. It might involve agricultural production in almost any part of the planet, for people must eat and an Army moves on its stomach. Every type of job existed in WW-II as is around today. Less technicians and research then compared to now, more industrial production then than now. Work is survival and everyone worked.

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Q: What jobs did people have in World War 2?
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About how many people thought in World War 2?

If you meant how many people fought in World War 2 you need to know that there were millions and millions who fought in that war world wide. The USA had over two million who fought in that war and 300,000 women helped on the war front and home front in service jobs and volunteer jobs.

What kinds of jobs did people have in World War 2 submarines?

In World War 2 submarines people had many jobs. Some listened to different radio signals, and others watched the sonar. There were also navigators, torpedo loaders and shooters, and preachers. In most submarines there were surgeons.

What kind of jobs did people in japan during world war 2?

they were basically slaves of the Americans back then

How did World War 2 change people's lifestyles?

I don't know very much, but I do know that as women did a lot of men's jobs during the second world war, after the war was over, women still kept up some of their jobs.

What was the women's jobs for World War 2?

They went to work in factories and other jobs that were primary male jobs that went to war.

How was the post World War 2 jobs?


What were 3 jobs that were created after world war 2?


How was employment in World War 2?

It was EXPLODING with jobs

Did women still have their jobs after World War 2?


What kinds of jobs were Jews sacked from in World War 2?

They had no jobs in world war 2, they were sacked from their jobs in 1935 such as Lawyers, Doctors and Nurses. but in 1933-1934 Jews were sacked from minor Jobs such as; Shop keepers and Vets.

What 2 things happened during the great depression?

Many people lost there homes and jobs and World War 2 got us out of it.

Why did women do men's jobs during World War I and World War 2?

Because millions of the men who normally did those jobs were in the Army and Navy.