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Black and lavender

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Q: What is virat kohli's favourite colour?
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What is Virat Kohlis highest ODI score?


Who is virat kohlis girlfriend?

Not Anyone at Present But Sarah Jane Dias and Sanjana were his Ex.

Which year year did the under-19 Indian cricket team won the world cup under virat kohlis leadership?


Who is virat kohlis new girlfriend?

He had many girlfriends.nEWEST ONE IS ANUSHKA SHARMA.

What is virat kohli favourite movie?


What is virat kohli's favourite dish?

sushi is virat kohli's fav food....

What is virat favourite food?

poori and chicken noodles

Which is Virat Kohli's favourite football team?

Real Madrid is Virat Kohli's favorite football (soccer) team.

What are you Kiss favorite colors?

Eli’s favourite colour is purple.DongHo’s favourite colour is pink.Kevin’s favourite colour is blue.Kiseop’s favourite colour is black.Soohyun’s favourite colour is red.AJ’s favourite colour is blue.Hoon hasn't told us what his favourite colour is yet

What is virat kolhis favourite dish?

He likes Sushi the most.

What is virat kohil favourite food?

His faviorate Food is Sushi.

What is virat kohli's favourite song?