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Q: What is value of an authenticated framed 12x16 babe Ruth sepia photo from original negative with newspaper article 1930 signed by photographer delmar Watson?
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What is the negative of negative integer?

The negative of a negative is always the original number.

How do you know you have an original Charles Burton Barber?

I read newspaper

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What is the value of an original Pearl Harbor newspaper?

Check under collectibles.

How m uch for sgt pepper album signed by all 4 beatles authenticated original pressing in good condition?

About $175,000 if in mint...

What do you do when you are adding a negative and a negative?

You minus it off the original negative number, so if it was -5 plus -2 it equals -7

What is the value on an original newspaper of Franklin Roosevelt and the first Lady on the front page of the 1937 newspaper on his second term?

Again , what is the value of a 1937 newspaper of President Franklin Roosevelt and his wife on the front page about his second term

If a will has been destroyed can a copy be used as a legal document?

A properly authenticated and notarized copy could be used. There could be some issues concerning who destroyed the original and why.

Why is the quotient of two negative numbers positive?

A negative number is an opposite or reversal of a positive number. For example, if a million dollars is a lot of money to have, then it is also true that a million dollars is a lot of money to owe. If you reverse something twice, you return to the original state. So a negative times a negative (or a negative divided by a negative) is a positive. The opposite of the opposite is the original.

What occurs As a result of a negative feedback mechanism?

In a negative feedback system the response of the effector reverses the original stimuli.

Positive and negative what is the final result?

It depends on the operation and values of the positive and negative. For example, in multiplication or division a positive and negative will be a negative. In addition or subtraction, it depends on the absolute value of the original numbers.

What does a negative subtract a negative equal?

The result can be either positive or negative, depending on the sizes of those original two negative numbers. (-8) minus (-10) = positive 2 (-8) minus (-5) = negative 3