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It could be Theo Walcott for England.

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Q: What is the youngest player in the England first team squad?
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Who is the youngest player in the 2013 IPL squad?

vijay zole

Who is the youngest cricket player in 2011 world cup Pakistani squad?

The youngest member of the 2011 Pakistani Cricket World Cup squad is Ahmed Shehzad.

Youngest player for wales rugby union?

The youngest international squad call up is the Ospreys Kristian Phillips who is 17

Who is the Rugby player called Nick who plays for England and Harlequins?

Nick Easter England and Harlequins number 8 47 caps for England but no longer in the England squad

Who is the lowest paid football player on Liverpool first squad?


Which 2010 world cup squad has the youngest average age?


Who is England's football team squad number 3?

England squad number 4 is Sir George Birtchnell

Who is England football team squad number 23?

The England national team does not have permanents squad numbers in the same way that a club does. The first eleven wear 1 to 11 and the subs rise from there. At tournaments the team does have numbers but they differ from tournament to tournament.

Is ian bell plays for England?

Yes. He plays in the England test squad.

Do England footballers get a cap for every game?

Only if they're actually picked for the squad on the day. Any player in the team that not playing on the day will not get a cap.

What is the duration of First Squad?

The duration of First Squad is 3420.0 seconds.

When will the squad of England for the world cup be announced?

Fabio Cappello will announce his squad some time today