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Q: What is the worst loss in Virginia Tech football?
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What is Iowa Hawkeyes worst loss ever in football?

Any loss to Iowa State is arguably the worst loss ever.

What was the worst loss in Indiana university history in football?


What is the worst loss in Michigan football history?

FSU destroys Michigan at Michigan. 51-31

Worst loss in Pitt panther football history?

1996 they lost to Ohio State 72-0.

What is Alabama's worst football loss?

In Bryant Denny Stadium: 1951 Villanova 41 - Alabama 18

What is the worst loss in wvu football history?

130-0 vs Michigan on October 22, 1904.

What is Penn State's win-loss record against Texas tech in football?

Through the 2008 season, Penn State and Texas Tech have met once in football. That was September 9, 1995 and Penn State won, 24-23, in State College.

What is the worst lost in Penn State football history?

The loss of dignity and innocence for the whole program in 2011. Or the 79 Sugar Bowl.

What is the Texas Longhorns worst football loss?

2009 Big 12 championship before the referees decided they would rather have Texas in the National championship than obeying the rule book, which explicitly states that the end of game is not a reviewable play. or their loss to Texas Tech in 2008 due to a last minute play by Crabtree.

What is Texas Tech's biggest football loss?

I don't know what is their worst ever, but in the 13th of September 1997, Texas had an embarrassing 66 - 3 lost to UCLA. that's the worst that I can remember. I believe that their worst loss came in 1999, when they lost to Nebraska 56-3. In 1998, they lost to Texas 58-7; in 1986 they lost to Miami (Fla) 61-11. Those, to my knowledge, are the only 50+ point losses by Texas Tech. Their biggest winning margin was in 1925; they beat Wayland Baptist 120-0. In modern times, they beat Nebraska 70-10 (2004), Northwestern State 75-7 (2007) and S/E Louisiana 62-0 (2006).

What is the Clemson Tigers worst football loss?

November 14, 1931 - Alabama 74, Clemson 7

What is the worst loss for Calgary flames?

the worst loss for them is 9-0 to the boston bruins