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7:30 PM Cairo local time, 5:30 PM GMT...

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Q: What is the time of football game between Egypt and Algeria on 14 November?
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What is the time of football game between Egypt and Algeria on 7 June?

The game is at 8 pm GMT on June 7, 2009.

Which island is between Egypt and Algeria?

The nation's name is Libya

Who is wrong Egypt or Algeria?


What country is between Egypt and Lebanon?

Algeria and Libya share a border, so in that way, there is no country between them. However, Tunisia is between part of Algeria and part of Libya, so that is the country that could be the answer.

What are the capitals of Egypt and Algeria?

The capital of Egypt is Cairo. The capital of Algeria is Algiers.

Is Algeria a good football team?

Algeria are currently ranked 32nd in the FIFA world rankings, and Egypt are ranked 48th, so statistically, Algeria are better. However, Egypt are ranked higher in other ranking systems, and the positions will change periodically, so we cannot say for certain that either team is better.

Is egypt israel Syria italy spian Algeria libya in Africa?

Egypt, Algeria, and Libya are. The rest aren't.Also, have a look at these words:SpainAfrica

What country's make up North Africa?

Egypt, Lybia, Algeria, Tunesia and Morocco.

Is Algeria Egypt Libya Mali and south Africa located in the north?

Algeria,Egypt and Mali are in the north of Africa. South Africa is in the south.

What African Nation shares borders with Algeria Tunisia and Egypt?

The African nation that shares borders with Algeria, Tunisia, and Egypt is Libya.

Who is more developed Egypt or Algeria?

Algeria. Algeria's HDI is 0.754, while Egypt's is 0.703. HDI (Human Development Index) is calculated based on life expectancy, education, and standard of living.

Are there pyramids in Algeria?

Yes in Egypt and northern Sudan