What is the temp. of blue flames?

Updated: 12/4/2022
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Q: What is the temp. of blue flames?
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Why do you use blue flames to cook your food?

Hi, Blue plasters are used for hygine reasons. Blue is a very prominent colour as not many (possibly no) food is Blue So, it should be easy to spot

What color flames are hotter?


How do you get blue flames on halo reach?

You can get the blue flames on Halo:Reach by downloading the app on an iPod touch, iPhone or iPad, or you can ask a friend if you don't have one. When you have the app sign in to it using your bungie live ID then you can unlock the blue flames.

What are the two types of flame?

The two main types of flames are blue flames and yellow flames. Blue flames indicate clean, efficient combustion with sufficient oxygen, while yellow flames indicate incomplete combustion with impurities present.

Which flames produces maximum heat?

Blue flames typically produce the maximum amount of heat when compared to other colored flames. This is because blue flames burn at a higher temperature due to complete combustion and greater oxygen supply.

Is a blue flame easy to see?

Yes, blue flames are visible.

do blue flames exist?

yes of coures they do

What is more powerful a red flame or a blue flame?

blue flames are hotter

Is there a friesian stallion named blue flames?

yes well blue flame

What does a blue flame mean in a gas fireplace?

A blue flame in a gas fireplace typically indicates the gas is burning efficiently and cleanly. Blue flames are a sign of complete combustion, which is important for both safety and energy efficiency in gas appliances. If the flame is yellow or orange, it may indicate incomplete combustion or a potential issue with the gas fireplace that should be addressed by a professional.

How long will blue flames last on reach?

Forever if you have them

What colour flame is most dangerous to the living?

Typically, blue flames are the hottest and can be more dangerous to living things. Blue flames can indicate the presence of highly reactive and potentially harmful chemicals, such as natural gas or alcohol. These flames can cause more severe burns or release toxic fumes.